WA Senate Election Preferences

The Voluntary Euthanasia Party is running a strong campaign with impressive candidates to give us the best possible chance of winning a seat in the WA Senate this election.

Our core objective is to elect champions of voluntary euthanasia to federal parliament and raise awareness of the issue in the process. One method to achieve this is by pressuring existing parties and their candidates to recognise the broad public support for legislative change.

The VEP has directed our preferences based on each party or candidate’s position on voluntary euthanasia. This has included seeking a commitment for law reform from other candidates to ensure that our votes will only help elect supporters of new legislation. Ultimately, our preferences will flow through a select group of micro parties supportive of voluntary euthanasia before reaching the Greens, ALP and PUP ahead of other major parties. We have split our ticket to ensure we support all major and minor party candidates who support our issue in the most egalitarian way possible.

Unlike most parties, we are more than happy to share our preference allocations for ‘above the line’ votes in the Senate with anyone who is interested. Please find the link to the relevant document below:

WA Senate Preferences in the 2014 Race

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VEP Constitution


Contact Us

If you have any queries or wish to get in touch, contact the Voluntary Euthanasia Party candidates and campaigners using the details listed below.

Email: media@vep.org.au

Western Australian Senate Candidates
Dr Philip Nitschke: philip@vep.org.au
Jim Duffield: jim@vep.org.au

New South Wales
Shayne Higson: shayne@vep.org.au (0403 625 456)